4 Trade Show Booth Display Design Tips


Before heading to a trade show to make sales and wow future customers, there are a few things you don’t want to be without. In addition to a comprehensive plan and great, friendly staff on hand, you’ll also need to create a great booth design to ensure trade show success. Whether you take a few tips from Mark Bric Display or get creative on your own, your trade show booth needs to show off your business and its assets before potential clients even approach your table. That’s why creating an unforgettable design and display for your company is key to getting the kind of traffic you want. Don’t run the risk of being passed over or ignored at a trade show: Dazzle everyone with the kind of display that can’t afford to miss. If you’re looking for tips on how to create a display booth that no one will forget, here are a few pointers.

1. Create a Compelling Design

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is or how one-of-a-kind your services are. In today’s hyper-visual age, if you don’t have great visual branding, you’re dead in the water. That’s why it’s so important to spend time on your image before going out to trade shows to sell your product. Don’t feel like you have to come up with your logo or company design all on your own. Working with a branding company or even a great graphic designer can help you figure out what works for you without wasting a lot of time and energy. The key is to create something simple and evocative without overthinking it. You want something that’s going to be eye-catching but not aggressive. In terms of your overall display, you’ll want your logo to be front and center, with plenty of opportunities for guests to use a company-specific hashtag or connect with you on the spot via Twitter or Facebook. A great company logo makes consumers feel a sense of trust. If your company aesthetic fosters a sense of familiarity along with an exciting sense of the new, you’ll be halfway to world domination.

2. Don’t Forget About Function

Yes, your booth should look amazing. However, the way your booth looks shouldn’t come at the cost of basic functionality. If your booth is becoming a bit of a distraction or looks too messy, no one will want to spend too much time finding out what you’re actually selling. Don’t waste time with a lot of smoke and mirrors. If you have great visual branding for your company, be content to let that do the lion’s share of the work rather than building a complex and, more importantly, hard to transport structure to your booth. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. An approachable booth, with friendly staff members welcoming passers-by and giving out free swag and samples, is more likely to bring in the kind of business you want in the long run. Remember: Your booth is just the first step. You want to bring people in so that you can actually talk to them, preferably one-on-one. Don’t go overboard with your display and keep things as simple as you possibly can.

3. Be Clear and Straightforward

Your brand logo should make it somewhat clear what you’re offering. However, in the case of some of the most successful branding campaigns, such as Apple’s symbol or even the McDonald’s symbol, the image isn’t the most important part of the pitch: It becomes important later on, as a way to get customers to easily recognize the brand and get a summarized sense of its quality and ideals. At trade shows, your first priority should be to get people actually listening to what you have to say. This means using a lot of different creative ways to draw them in, and then giving them the pitch, plain and simple. Don’t dress up what you’re selling or use a lot of gimmicks and fancy wording. If you truly stand behind your product, it should be easy to sell it to any number of consumers.

4. Don’t Overshadow Your Product

Free swag is great, as are contests and giveaways. But remember, those extra details will only take you so far. Yes, many people get more excited by booths with interactive activity and giveaways. But you’re here to make a lasting impression, not just draw people into your corner. Remember that the product has to speak for itself. If you’re confident of what you’re selling, consumers and clients will be able to see that no matter how big or flashy your booth display looks like.