August 13, 2020

7 Effective Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Ask ten different people how to bring attention to your trade show booth and you’ll probably get ten different pieces of advice. While there may not be a “one size fits all” approach to finding trade show booth success, we have some helpful hints that anyone can follow in order to bring more traffic into your booth for the duration of the show. 

Most folks will tell you that the booth has to get the attention of the public before they can step foot inside of it. That means finding eye-catching ways to attract attendees towards your booth but this sometimes easier said than done.

You have a lot to consider when it comes time to start designing your booth for the most effective response from passersby. There’s no shortage of options available to you either, bright displays, fancy gra      phics, freebies, and the like are just some of the choices at your disposal. But just because you might be able to get them to walk past the booth doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bound to stop in for a look.

That could take some additional effort in the form of reaching out to those attendees with a compelling argument or pitch as to who you are, what your company is all about, and why your product or service is the only one out there for them.

It’s true that you never get the chance to make that all important first impression and this can be significantly challenging in a trade show environment because of so many distractions and temptations around the trade show halls. Standing out is critical for bringing traffic to your booth but make too much of a spectacle of yourself and you may just end up driving people away instead of luring them in.

Every booth is different in its message and offerings and the best way to get people to come check out what you’re all about is to know your brand and how to portray it best. One thing that’s extremely important to remember is that your visitors are coming to the booth to get something for their time.

They want to be informed and impressed and the best trade show booths know how to combine those two attributes with the greatest efficacy. Attendees don’t want fancy facades and cool swag, they have a limited amount of time and they want to spend it getting the most bang for their buck. If you can offer that level of value to their time, then you can have the most effective interaction possible and establish a relationship with a potential new client.

So what are the best ways to achieve this goal? These are seven of the most effective ideas you can implement to help you increase traffic to your trade show booth. See how many you already have in mind and which ones you might want to try the next time you’ve got a big show coming up.

1. Selling Yourself

Give a thought to the reason behind your booth in the first place. It’s an essential component of the pitch that you’re making to the people who are walking into it. But it’s not the entire pitch, which means that you need to have something fascinating to say when you conduct the interaction with your visitor.

Preparing a witty and engaging opening line is a great way to sell yourself in a short period of time.

Come up with a compelling argument to sell yourself and then you can explain further if and when they feel that your pitch was strong enough to make them stop and take notice of you and your booth.

2. Keep it Short

The best pitches are short, direct, and don’t require much in the way of explanation, yet it has to capture the imagination of your visitor. Avoid being long-winded and leave facts and figures out of it. Just keep in mind that you have roughly 15-25 seconds to grab the attention of a passerby and get them to walk in and see your booth. You don’t want to let them walk on by, so you need a way to hook ’em in.

How you do that can be dependent on the type of gadget or service that you are selling as not all pitches are exactly alike even if they all follow a similar common blueprint.

3. Proper Booth Design

You’ve developed a strong pitch, now it’s up to the booth to help sell it. As we mentioned before, booths that rely on too much flash are more often overlooked or ignored. But you also want to stand out from the crowd of multiple booths on the floor.

It can help to incorporate creativity in your booth, the fonts, colors, imagery, all of these things can play a role in helping you tell the story of your brand or product. Just be sure you choose the right imagery, font, and attitude to convey so that it fits in with who you are and what you’re selling.

4. Know Your Brand

In order to convey your message most effectively, it helps to know the brand that you are promoting. When you create your pitch and design the booth that goes with it, always keep these things in mind. The brand or product will inform the directions in which you go to attract the most attention.

Knowing your brand also means knowing your audience. You’re probably not putting up a booth at a trade show like E3 aimed at a demographic of senior citizens. So when you identify your audience, you can tailor your booth and your message directly to the people who are most receptive to hearing it.

5. The Mission Statement

A great way to get people to notice you is to decide on the mission statement of your company’s belief systems as opposed to the product or service you’re selling. This can provide your visitors with a deeper understanding of who you are and what your intentions are in the distribution of this product.

It can also help to establish a direct connection with your audience as they get to know you and the company behind the product that is being offered to the public.

6. Free Swag

Let’s face it everyone likes getting free stuff. If your free stuff is cooler than everyone else’s free stuff, your booth is bound to be a huge hit and a destination for all attendees at the show. Just make sure you bring enough for everybody.

7. The Best Personnel

Your booth is only as good as the people you have working in it. Be sure you’re only bringing on the best, most knowledgeable workers who can answer questions, set meetings, and follow up on appointments. Training is vital to make sure that your hires are going to be effective at their jobs.

You’re not expected to do this all by yourself, nor should you. So get a great team around you and make that booth stand out.