October 20, 2020

Effective and Precise Permission Management

People seem to think that is natural to face some difficulties when managing user permissions with some traditional SharePoint features. However, this is the opposite with our SharePoint tool. It makes all the processes natural to use from adding data, users, and groups or even when handling a hybrid environment of multiple SharePoint servers. It also provides a single console to take care of both on-premises and all versions of Office 365 server permissions. Additionally, the tool provides a simplified version that manages targeted SharePoint permission management with an aim to cut down on manual work, improve functionality, and versatility with a resultant effect of enhancing productivity and system efficiency.

Check Permissions

The automated generation of check permission report assists in pinpointing any instance of privilege escalations thereby helping the users to prevent any attempt on data breach and seal all security loopholes in the system.

Add Permissions

With this feature, the process of adding targeted or even bulk site collection permissions for individual users or specific groups has been simplified to just a few steps and clicks. Notably, a user can further apply for extended SharePoint permissions management tool to particular sub-sets, lists of documentation and document libraries for every selected site collection.

Remove Permissions

The tool is designed with powers to instantaneously remove individual user or group permissions across different (single or multiple) site collection just in a few clicks. However, this feature comes with corrective measures to avoid any erroneous removal of permissions on a single click. Additionally, a user has the privileges to revoke any assigned permissions to specific sub-sites, list of documentation and document library to a targeted site collection.

Copy Permissions

Copy permissions enable easy and faster transfers for site collections, folders, and documents and document libraries from a group or specific users to another on a friendly interface.

Check Permissions

Have a real-time track of your site collection permission and enjoy complete visibility, which is not limited to individual users, groups, or any site content. You can even check those permissions that are assigned directly or through the available SharePoint group’s channel.

Providing a Complete Management solutions for SharePoint.

SharePoint platform is designed to provide smooth and user-friendly hosting and collaboration of personal and business files both online and on-premises. The seamless functionality and flexibility of the tool make companies appreciate the need to have a SharePoint to host their day to day business data. The challenges posed by the complexity of handling dynamic systems and high levels of collaborations have also been drastically reduced for SharePoint administrators, especially in running and auditing different environments and SharePoint servers.

The SharePoint administrator’s work has been comprehensively designed to monitor, analyze, and generate reports on every SharePoint deployments and activities from a central console. The tool allows you to manage SharePoint activities down to single components level. The solution provides users with out of the box reports and real-time alerts that assists in SharePoint server management, handling the dynamic nature of contents, proper storage management, and guaranteed securities.