October 20, 2020

  Used Air Pollution Abatement Equipment

What is Air Pollution Abatement Equipment?

Air Pollution Abatement Equipment is equipment explicitly used to facilitate the reduction or elimination of airborne pollutants. These pollutants include matter, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, to name a few.

Thermal Oxidizers: Use and Function

Thermal Oxidizers are used to destroy airborne pollutants from industrial streams where air could be contaminated. These pollutants are primarily hydrocarbons. The way of thermal combustion removes the hydrocarbons. From these hydrocarbons removed by thermal combustion, the process of oxidation converts them to carbon dioxide and water. The three factors for best thermal oxidizer performance are temperature, residence time, and turbulence.

Temperature- The temperature has to be hot enough to facilitate waste gas ignition. Typically, organic compounds ignite at temperatures between 1,094 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,202 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard thermal oxidizers operate at more extreme temperatures to ensure destruction of hazardous gases.

Residence Time- Residence time is the amount of time needed for the combustion ignition to occur.

Turbulence Factor- The turbulence factor is the combination of combustible air with the hazardous gases, resulting in combustion ignition.

Catalytic Oxidizer: Use and Function

Catalytic Oxidizer, work in a similar function to thermal oxidizers. However, catalytic oxidizer work as a catalyst. The catalytic action promotes the oxidation of the hazardous substances. This type oxidation happens as a chemical reaction. By the catalyst acting as a substance, the chemical reaction is accelerated. By the chemical reaction resulting in a more rapid process than thermal oxidizers, the conversion to carbon dioxide and water can occur at a lower temperature range. Typical temperatures to facilitate the process run between 644 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,004 degrees Fahrenheit.

Used Air Pollution Abatement Equipment?

New air pollution abatement equipment can be expensive, taking away from your industry’s bottom line and overall profits. With sectors relocating, that leaves a market for used abatement equipment, including used catalytic and thermal oxidizers.

Environmental equipment companies offer a reasonable alternative to this expensive market. Most provide oxidizers that are available as-is refurbished, and some used oxidizers still have certified performance warranties left on the equipment.

If you are looking for a used, refurbished, or one with certified performance warranties left, there a few tips you should know.

Tips When Looking At Catalytic and Thermal Oxidizers

– The general condition of the unit should be listed.
– If there is new parts or equipment on the unit, it should be specified.
– The manufacturer date should be listed.
– A used or used refurbished unit should be determined.
– Complete details of units, including and features and benefits.
– Hours of use and general condition should be defined. As an example, perfect condition with low hours, or excellent condition, used 30.000 operating hours.
– Specifications of the unit, including air flow capacity, heat recovery percentage, and assembled weight of the unit.


If you are looking at used air pollution abatement equipment, you can save your company considerable savings. Most reputable used equipment dealers will have complete details, date of manufacture, and all other needed information. With industries relocating, a new industry has open in the used industrial air pollution equipment market.