October 22, 2020

Why Are Self-Inking Stamps so Important for any Business?

Every business house has a lot of incoming mail and outgoing correspondence, vouchers or receipts in receipt books to be stamped, and envelopes to be mailed. All these require these of self-inking stamps with the corporate seal or emblem.

Self-inking stamps are indispensable in any business as there is a use for them in every department of the office. How? Take a look.

Importance of Self-Inking Stamps for any Business

Self-inking stamps are crucial for any business because of the countless ways in which they can be used.

1. Address Stamps

All outgoing mail from a company must carry the sender’s address, in case they need to be returned. this requires the use of an address tamp. If you have a self-inking stamp printed with your company’s name and address, then all you need to do is stamp the envelope at one corner on the back to imprint the sender’s name and address.

Address stamps also come handy when one has to sign and receive the courier. Instead of initialing your name, it is best to put the company seal with name and address under the “received” column. This needs the use of self-inking stamps.

Address stamps are an absolute must to print the company’s name and address on leaflets, brochures, flyers, compliment slips, business envelopes and even official correspondence requiring the company seal.

Address stamps are indispensable for the Administrative, HR, Communication and Marketing departments of any office.

2. Received Stamps

Every office has lots of letters and correspondence coming in every day. a received stamp on the letter or envelope with the date helps to keep track of the incoming mail in the chronological order This will help the company staff to trace missing, unreplied, or forgotten mail.

Received stamps are also used for paid invoices to indicate that payment has been made on that date. This received stamp is very useful to the Accounts department in tracing the history of the payment and identifying whether the payment was done on time.

3. Thank You Stamps

Thank you stamps are useful in every department of the office. A “thank you” self-inking stamp does wonders to your office communication. It can be used even among colleagues In replying to memos or internal communication. It can also be stamped on invoices to indicate the gratitude for the order received.

A thank-you stamp is very useful in departmental stores, boutiques, retail stores, pharmacies, and any shopping enterprise. Yes, printing “thank you” on a bill is one way of thanking the customer for his/her patronage.

4. Loyalty Card stamps

Gift vouchers, certificates, and loyalty cards are ways to honor regular or long-standing customers and appreciate new ones. They are used as part of promotional or marketing campaigns and in contests to reward customers. Such certificates and loyalty cards have offers printed on them. These offers are repetitive and offered every year or season. Only their validity period changes.

It would save the company a lot of money if they print these certificates and loyalty cards without the date and validity details. These validity details can be printed on a “valid up to” self-inking stamp that can be stamped on the certificate or card.  This saves a lot of money as there is no need to print new cards or certificates each time and the existing ones can be reused with the help of the self-inking stamps.

 5. ID Protection Stamps

Protecting the company’s confidential information like account details, company card’s pin number and even address may be crucial for its safety. For such purposes, ID protection stamps are needed the most. With ID protection stamps, the company details can be obscured and made virtually unreadable.

This is used on bank statements, financial statements, possibly share certificates, and even certain official correspondences to safeguard the company’s privacy. Self-inking stamps can be fabricated as ID protection stamps and used with convenience to ensure security and confidentiality of privileged information.

Self-inking stamps save a lot of time and money as there is no need to use an ink pad or fill ink frequently. They render a professional touch to all office work and are hence much needed in every office.