10 Ways to Build a Brand for Your Small Business


Why are you reading this article? Because you have recognized the success behind strategic branding. So many small companies and aspiring entrepreneurs have made prosperous brands out of themselves, such as Apple, Shopify, Grammarly, Shutterstock and plenty of others. How did they do it? What is their big secret? Well, they knew they were going to become big someday, and they acted in that way. Creating your brand is crucial, no matter how small your business is, and here are 10 ways how to do it.

Be original
No one likes copycats. In order to reap success, you have to be able to offer something to the market that no one else has thought of. Take cronuts for example. It’s a simple idea, yet so tasty and lucrative. You needn’t go that far as to invent a whole new device, for instance, but you should definitely investigate the market and try to find your niche. What is it that you can supply, and how are you going to separate yourself from the competition? Answer these, and you’ll define your brand.

One of the easiest ways to get a better understanding of your own brand and your customers is to try to imagine it as a person. Create an image in your head. Male or female? Age? Personality? Attitude? What is he/she trying to achieve? How can they help consumers? Such a creative way of thinking will also open doors to new ideas more easily.

Create a logo
In order to be recognizable from the very start, you have to have the right logo created. Most people are visual learners, and they memorize images more easily than some verbal or written information. In addition, the choice of fonts and colours has an immense effect on how your brand is perceived. It’s something that happens on a subconscious level, so there is no way to avoid it. For this reason, pay special attention to your future logo.

Quality is the best policy
If you are just beginning, it may be difficult to get the best possible materials for your product or your service. Nevertheless, if you are promising the very best, try to deliver what you stand for. Otherwise, soon enough your clients and customers will see right through you, and it will be incredibly difficult to regain the reputation.

Invest in marketing
In order to make a breakthrough, having cutting-edge products isn’t enough if no one is informed about them. As a result, you will end up in red, with little chance of going into black. Hence, promoting the brand is essential.

Consult with experts about social media marketing. Nowadays you don’t seem to exist unless you have accounts on Instagram or Facebook, at least. What is more, never underestimate the power of print marketing. For example, stylish business cards are a must for every business. Or would you rather write down your contact info on a post-it and hand it to a potential client?

Consistent and trustworthy
Whatever it is that you stand for, you have to be consistent about it. Only then will you earn the trust of your customers. No one is going to deem you valuable and honest if your attitudes on social networks and blogs don’t match your actions in real life.

Brand voice
To achieve the aim of becoming a brand, determine the preferred voice, i.e. in what way you are going to address your customers. Are you going to be friendly, professional, conversational, authoritative, or informative? Once again, remember to be consistent about this, too.

Be up-to-date
Follow the latest developments in your area. Pay close attention to what is happening around you, and in what way it is relevant to your niche. Inform them via your blog or a website, and they will think highly of your observations and readiness.

Customer=brand ambassador
Customer is the king, of course, but they are the reflection of your brand, too. Every customer of yours is a brand representative. If they are satisfied with it, you will definitely prosper. Use different techniques to keep them happy, and create a loyal customer base which will attract others.

To summarize, when talking about business goals, building a brand is a high priority. This is where it all begins, so it’s of utmost significance that you create the right foundation for your business.