October 20, 2020

5 ways to utilize your storage space at home

Having a space to call yours, a space to refer to as home is always a beautiful thing. After getting one, you probably begin to think about how you are going to decorate it and where you are going to place what. In many instances, it appears like you have more than enough space to keep all your belongings.

When it’s time to move, you get those really useful boxes (you’ve never really used them before then) to transport your items to your new place.

Whether at that point or months after moving in, or maybe even after buying some supplies, reality dawns on you. Truth is most times people end up having less space than they need in their apartments.

Here are ways you can utilize your storage space at home

1. Declutter:

It is very easy to keep on getting things. You go window shopping; you end up buying things. You go to hang out with your family or friends; you end up lugging bags back into your space. Your friends come visiting, they come bearing gifts. You have a (housewarming) party; your guests come with gifts. Little by little, gift by gift, supply by supply, your apartment is getting crowded with things you need and those you do not. Sometimes, you even lose count of the things in your home.

First, decide to stop impulse buying. Then, face those things you already have. Now create three piles. Name them “items I need”, “items I do not need” and “items I am not too sure about their importance” accordingly.

Proceed to categorize the items you have and put them into these piles. For the third category, go through it again on an “I need this” and “I do not need this” basis. The things you do not need, you can give to charity or friends and family who need them.

Alternatively, you could have a garage sale where you sell these off at discounted price. Doing this would mean you are decluttering your space and making a profit while at it. After decluttering, you would realize the extent of the space your home has.

2.  Incorporate minimalism

While you might be tempted to want to show off your artistic side and creativity when designing your space, you might want to rethink doing this. Instead of going all out and buying all the decorative pieces you found on sale and rather than buying all the items like furniture you found because they were available at a giveaway price, you should go for a few statement pieces that appeal to you and you are sure would look great in your home.

This is because sometimes, less is actually more. No need to over-decorate, just decorate your home to a T and let the minimalism of your home speak for itself. Doing this would not only make your home feel less crowded, but it would also actually be less crowded, and you would have more room for movement and better ventilation.

3. Use mirrors and windows

One thing you want to do when you actually have less space in your home is not making it look like there is less space. Instead, make it look like there is more space than there is. Mirrors and windows are two tools that can help you achieve this.

Having mirrors on your walls, and the (sometimes multiple) reflections they create, confers a larger than normal feel on your home and makes it look wider than it naturally is. Windows, on the other hand, allow for more aeration in the home; a feature necessary for tight spaces. They also allow natural light pour into the home. As this pour in, and as the light bounces off walls and surfaces, your home looks and feels larger and wider than is.

4. Use neutral palettes

Having a favorite color is awesome and wanting to incorporate this into every area of your personal life is a thoughtful thing. When it comes to your home though, you might want to go easy on this. Instead of painting your home with all your favorite colors from the rainbow mix, why not consider using neutral pallets?

These pallets like beige, ivory and white among others are good choices for your home because not only do they make the home feel less cramped up, they also give it an air of aeration and ventilation. Essentially, they are awesome choices for when you have less space in your home, but you do not want your home to feel like this. They give your home a feeling of more space than is present.

5. Utilize furniture

The term “furniture” applies to a very wide range of items. This is why specifics have to be stated. These specifics include:

  1. Use semi-open furniture: your furniture choice should include furniture like shelves that have open compartments. These compartments do not just let light and air through; they also make the room feel less crowded.
  2. Use storage furniture: while furniture is an important part of any home, you might want to get those who have multiple functions. These functions include the purpose for which they were originally intended like sleeping for beds, as well as storage purposes. There are now a variety of beds, chairs, and tables, among other furniture, which has in them, compartments for the primary aim of storing items.
  3. Use Murphy bed: Murphy beds are beds designed to be folded up or swung into a closet or wall when not in use, for storage purposes.
  4. Push furniture up against the wall: having furniture positioned all over the home not only makes the room feel disorganized it also takes up ample space. Correct this by pushing furniture up against the wall. Doing this helps your room look organized and leaves ample space for movement or whatever positioning or storage ideas you might have.

Having your home is a beautiful thing. Irrespective of the size, you can create ample storage space to keep all your belongings and still have room left for other activities.