Brighton London conference


Come and experience one of the best SEO conferences in the world. It is organized by Brighton to bring together the best search speakers from different countries. Different search marketers are expected to meet up to discuss essential issues aimed at growing their business.

What courses do they offer?

Brighton SEO offers different courses such as Google Analytics, SEO training, content creation and fundamentals of content training. All of these are aimed at helping you enhance your skills in specific fields.  These courses are detailed to help you grow your marketing strategies to gain more customers. Let us look at look at what some of these courses entail.

SEO Auditing

Through this training course, Brighton promises to help you enhance the quality of your SEO audits. SEO involves website auditing. This course gives you details regarding how you can generate high-quality SEO audits.

Such audits provide enhanced results for better marketing opportunities for your business and that of your clients. The speakers of this training course will teach you the technicalities of the auditing process as well as the documentation.

PPC training

Through the PPC conference, you will learn more on how to execute some of the PPC strategies to give you results in your business. Once you register for this course, Brighton will send you a survey which you are expected to fill so that they can gauge your SEO level. Feel free to request for specific sessions to be added to the training course so that you can benefit more from the meeting.

On-page SEO course

This London conference will be held by SEO experts to teach you everything you need to know regarding how to make use of on-page SEO techniques. It will also enlighten you on how you can avoid duplicating content and enhance your website content.

Content creation

This is also a crucial course that every media marketer who creates content needs. Brighton SEO will teach you how to get significant traffic for your website through content creation. From this training course, you can learn how to come up with creative topics that resonate with the audience as well as how to create ideas and format your content.

Dates and registration

Brighton SEO conference occurs only twice in a year. The next event is scheduled to start from 27th to 28 Sep 2018. Registering for this conference guarantees you a ticket to meet successful people in digital marketing.

You can subscribe for a VIP seat at the conference sessions. This guarantees you access to receiving VIP Wi-Fi. There are also private forums set to talk about essential topics that can help you grow your business through the sharing of ideas.

Why should your attend Brighton SEO conference?

Brighton is different from other conferences since they use SEO experts to provide you with broad information regarding various topics. It is more about giving practical advice than mere theory. They also organize group sessions to enhance the diversity of information. You also get free meals from morning to afternoon. Most previous attendees report that this conference is worth your time.