NBA Preseason Tickets Can Come Cheap


With the start of the 2018-19 NBA season almost upon us, there is a rush for tickets. Any sport has this rush at the start of the season, and NBA preseason games begin in October with the regular season going full-bore in November. Online ticket options are available for all teams at

Though season tickets often grant access to preseason games, for non-season ticket holders the preseason makes for a low-cost way to check the team out before the more expensive regular season begins. As with any ticket purchase for an arena event, the buyer must know a bit about what they want before they buy.

Know your team, and make sure you get a seat for a game you’ll find interesting. If you’re not a fan of the Nets or Knicks, you won’t be too interested in seeing their pair of match-ups on October 3rd and 19th. But, if you love the Golden State Warriors, you might be willing to watch the Nets play them on October 28th. This option is, of course, only available to those in the area where the Nets play: Some people will travel to see games, but preseason sees the lowest amount of travelling for its games. With most of the star players benched to avoid injury, this makes some sense.

Coaches and owners often, but not always, keep their star players away from preseason games. This helps the key components of the team healthy going into the regular season, but also helps the coach see their “bench players” and new additions to the team in action, the better to evaluate their usefulness to the team during the season.

This isn’t to say that preseason games are boring or unimportant: While they don’t affect the team’s standing or ranking, a good performance during a preseason game is not only fun basketball to watch, but also shows the fans what they can expect to see in the regular season if something goes wrong, be it injury to their favorite player or a trade that happens before the All-Star trade deadline. Watching the “bench players” can be a fun experience for many fans and gives them the knowledge they need to take a deeper look at their favorite teams. One never knows whose play style they’ll become a fan of at a preseason game.

With the lower cost of tickets, preseason games can be the only option for some fans, as regular season can be too expensive. Much of this is determined by the market: The more fans wanting to see a live game, the higher the cost of tickets. It can also be determined by who the opponent is: Your home town team is more likely to charge more for their fans to watch the higher-ranked teams than they would for less popular teams that won’t make for as fun a game as a better team. Price comparison shopping can be important for getting the right tickets to any sports event, preseason basketball included.