On How to have Great Looking Lawn


 Many people associate the end of winter and the new warmth of spring with planting. While spring is a great time to clean up your yard and plant some new landscaping, there is a good deal of time in the fall to get some yard work completed. Summer can damage bushes, grass and plants just like the winter can. Our grassy lawns can see some heavy rains followed by extreme droughts. Diseases can grow on your grass. Insects can take over an area and don’t forget about all those weeds that can end up choking out your good grass. By the end of the summer your yard might need some assistance. You don’t have to wait for the following spring to address these issues. Now is the perfect time to think about some various lawn care techniques such as aeration and overseeding in the fall months.

Lawn Growth in Cooler Weather

The fall months are the perfect time to plant and overseed your lawn. When you have those cooler nights, but the days are still warm then you actually have a perfect growing scenario. The perfect time for this is from about mid-August until mid-September. It is also important to recognize that weed growth slows down in the fall. You can get a handle on things before next spring. The process of overseeding allows your lawn to grow new grass without being overcrowded by weeds, crabgrass, etc. The seeds will be able to properly germinate before the snow starts to fly.

Reducing Compaction of Soil and Removing Thatch

Aeration along with overseeding your lawn can help with a number of problems including a thin layer of grass. A double-pass core aeration will remove up to thousands of plugs from your lawn. The purpose of this is get rid of some of the thatch that you have built up while reducing some of the compaction your soil has developed. The spaces that are left behind promote the growth of new grass roots. More nutrients are able to get below the surface as well.

The second part of the process involves a thorough raking of your yard. Professional power-rakes utilize blades that rotate in a vertical motion. More thatch is removed this way and the plugs that were removed get broken down to create a light coating of dirt over the top of the yard. This will help promote new growth from the grass seed that will be put down. A customized blend of grass can achieve a healthy lawn that has great color. Topping everything off with fertilizer and lime will get the grass seeds off to a good start.

Creating a Healthy Lawn

Even if your lawn looks decent right now there are still benefits of aeration. It is important to make sure that you have adequate growth not only above the soil but below the soil as well. As the seasons go on you will find that your lawn grows deeper and deeper. This leads to a pretty thick layer of thatch. Having core aeration performed will help maintain this layer of your lawn so it doesn’t overgrow. Fresh seed will further develop your grass layer and help shut out weed growth.

If you feel like your lawn and yard could use a little bit extra assistance, then now is the time to address the problem. Waiting until springtime can make the job more difficult as weeds and crabgrass flourish. Take the time this fall to get your lawn looking the best it ever has. By the time next spring rolls around your lawn will be in great shape.